The work of Z'ART is not limited to the manufacture of interior interiors. With great care we keep track of the latest developments in exterior styling of business minivans. Of the many presented aerodynamic skirts, we chose the most outstanding. Each set is able to radically change the look of the Mercedes-Benz V-class.

Top Car Inferno. The most aggressive and expressive exterior design due to its innovative approach, which implies new hood, equipped with typical «muscles», original both front and rear bumpers, sills, lining extenders on the wheel arches.

Larte Black Crystal 2018. 3M matte decorative film with a contrasting strip may complement business and luxurious aerodynamic body kit design. Optional carbon fiber elements for the front and rear bumper will provide the car with a more aggressive look as well as emphasize its exclusivity.

Hartmann Tuning Spirit. Embossed elements on the front and rear bumpers, graceful sills, original exhaust system with forked exhaust provide the car with both stylish and sporty look.

AMG. Aerodynamic body kit both gives a sporty style and emphasizes its unique design as well.

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