Genuine leather provides certain qualities which are difficult to compete with, namely cosiness, comfort and beauty.

The skin is both practical and highly durable, does not stretch, while being fire, chemical attack and water-resistant. Genuine leather refers to those things which don’t deteriorate over the years while looking respectable.

Decorating the premium class car interior is more important than exterior (exterior tuning, styling, exclusive painting). Therefore, we can offer interior decoration with natural crocodile, python, cobra, ostrich leather for more sophisticated connoisseurs.

The individual car interior design provides both rich look and unique comfort.




Car interior parts decorating or veneering implies finishing of various wood species with thin linings. The seams at the linings junction are almost imperceptible even by touch and all parts are always covered with several lacquer layers to ensure safety.

Parts veneering improves the car, provides the cabin look with solidity, emphasizes the interior dignity as well as makes the interior more solid, stylish and perfect.

The veneered inserts varnish coating adds both brightness and noble shine as well. The matte varnish use is no less popular in addition to gloss varnish use.








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