Mercedes-Benz V-Сlass Radiance


Large tree valuable breeds elements number is the main Radiance project difference. Be sure to note the veneered element along the left side is a solid part which doesn’t have any joints. Besides this luxurious style is complemented by both multiple chrome elements and decorative lights as well. The required options kit makes it possible to create a comfortable and luxurious interior, able to meet all its owner’s needs on the current project basis.



Comfortable seats

VIP-chairs, which provide individual settings, namely heating and ventilation, cushion tilt adjustment, backrest with the ability to adjust the lumbar and shoulder stops. Armchairs are equipped with two elongated footsteps with electric opening. Its design makes it convenient for both a work and rest.



Folding chairs

The folding chairs at the inter-salon partition, provided by Z’art company, make the car especially convenient since the buyers are provided with a spacious lounge due to the compact design and convenient entry. Full folding seats, equipped with three-point seat belts, high backs and ergonomic head restraints are very comfortable to move on for your relatives and friends. 



Climate system

Our company's specialists have developed a unique system to ensure the fresh air flow. While being cleaned with a carbon filter, the outboard air enters the cabin through the standard ventilation system, which provides additional comfort for passengers while traveling. Fresh and cooled air flows through the upper deflectors.




  • Two armchairs with a console or a sofa with separate backs,
  • Comfortable footboards, intended for legs,
  • Automatically folding table in the left side with veneer finish,
  • Two folding chairs at the partition,
  • Bar with a folding table,
  • Side armrests with lifting covers (pockets in the sides),
  • Blinds for electric windows,
  • Ceiling chandelier, equipped with adjustable brightness, and Ambilight backlight
  • The passenger cabin equipped with fresh air intake system,
  • Round ceiling blowers with veneer finish,
  • TV 40 4K Super FullHD, Apple TV, digital TV, FM radio,
  • Extreme sound system (front, side and rear speakers, woofers),
  • Chrome moldings for interior decoration (Chrome package +),
  • Veneer finishing
  • Refrigerator (compressor) in the driver's compartment,
  • Hidden safe with code panel


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