Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2019

The company's extensive background in the business minibus interiors design allowed to create a new generation project for the cabin re-equipment based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter New (2019). The advanced modeling information technologies use while designing a cabin and its individual elements as well contributed to prepare the project asap.

Passenger cabin

We took into account all our potential customers’ wishes and analyzed all the ergonomic and functional errors of similar projects, made by other companies.

User-friendly climate, multimedia system and cabin functions control is available while using both tablets and side panels buttons as well. Management allows to use this car to all passengers and does not require any special adaptation.

It worth mentioning the speaker system. The car is equipped with the purest and powerful sound among all reequipped cars of the current class.

Re-equipped Mercedes-Benz Sprinter New cars provide high reliability degree while being intended for long-term operation. The cabin design implies a chance to expand or replace individual components in order to maintain the current information and multimedia systems level.

Comfortable seats

VIP cabin is intended for 6 passengers. Full folding seats are equipped with three-point seat belts, high backs and ergonomic head restraints as well. Each seat provides a great chance to individually configure its settings, namely heating and ventilation, cushion tilt adjustment, backrest with the lumbar swap settings. The extra comfortable second-row seats are equipped with a massage and long, electrically operated footboards.

The current VIP cabin may be used as both work office and convenient place to relax on the road as well. Motion reclining armchairs near of the sound isolation partition take just a little place. Compact design provides a spacious passage in the cabin.

A car is almost the second home for some people. Therefore, we are striving to create all the things required to make the passenger feel at home. Numerous compartments for useful things storage, a large bar, a fridge with soft drinks will help to better concentrate while both working or enjoying the rest as well.




  • 6 armchairs with a console or 4 armchairs and a sofa for third-row passengers with a separate backrest,
  • Comfortable footboards for legs,
  • Automatic folding table, equipped with electric drive, is available in the left side with veneer finish (additional second table is available optionally)
  • Two chairs, located near of the partition,
  • Bar,
  • Refrigerator
  • Side armrests, equipped with lifting covers (pockets in the sides),
  • Blinds for windows, equipped with electric drive
  • Ceiling chandelier with adjustable brightness, Ambilight backlight,
  • Round ceiling blowers with veneer finish,
  • TV 43-49 4K Super Full HD and a second TV for the rear partition (32-40")
  • Multimedia: Apple TV, digital TV, FM radio,
  • Smart home system: the ability to control while using a tablet and mobile devices, equipment and multimedia,
  • Sound multichannel system with a central channel (home theater function) (front, side and rear speakers, center channel),
  • Advanced chrome package emphasizes the cabin elegance,
  • Option: braided leather decoration, available on both side panels and seats as well,
  • Refrigerator (compressor) in the driver's compartment,
  • Hidden safe with code panel,
  • Flavoring.


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