The first restyled Mercedes Benz V-Class' have arrived at our facility.

This week, we received the first restyled versions of the Mercedes Benz V-class. One of the cars comes with chrome inserts on the front bumper. To date, this is the only car of its kind in Russia. In 2-3 months we are planning to complete the car interiors and they will be available in our showroom.

You can pre-order these cars and have time to make adjustments to the outcome, and have the car be made to suit your style.

The reasons for you to entrust us your mobile cabin-office creation:

  1. Well-developed design projects availability. Our interiors ergonomics has been improved due to hundreds of cars produced from our conveyor. This gives us a great chance to create your personal preferences-based cabin, including a car for both business, family or meeting of top officials as well since it will 100% meet the goals set.
  2. Own design and engineering departments. We are able to create unique and reliable designs due to our professional approach. We are glad to create something that will serve you for years, including convenient robotic chairs, telescopic steps and motorized compartments as well.
  3. Z’ART full cycle company provides all the works, performed by world-class specialists in our company’s territory. Large production capacity availability in stock contribute to an opportunity to provide the most flexible approach and the shortest possible terms of mobile cabins manufacture.
  4. Warranty and support. You get two-year warranty for all the works and our company's technical specialists will help you to resolve any issues.

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